Menos Hiras on How to Avoid Distractions for Your LSAT

Menos Hiras on How to Avoid Distractions for Your LSAT

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Distractions, according to Menos Hiras, are one of the biggest challenges to overcome during LSAT prep. Students studying for the LSATs have to do it at home these days, given the scale of the lockdowns and stay-at-home orders still in place. And with a whole nation essentially staying indoors, bored, with plenty of leisure options around them, the temptation to give in to distraction is a bigger monster than ever.

If you’re studying for your LSATs, you need to maintain your focus and keep your eyes on the prize. Here’s how you can do so:

• Make a “study room. Having a designated study location will help you focus immensely. It acts as your basecamp and creates a place specifically for LSAT study. Menos Hiras emphasizes that the room must be in a quiet, isolated location in your home where you will be able to work in peace.

• Limit the social media. Notice how it’s not a complete social media blackout. Social media often is the only remaining connection to friends and family that people can’t meet in person due to the stay-at-home orders. So instead of forcibly cutting yourself off from them, limit your browsing time. Set a time to monitor how much time you spend on social media. When you’re done, get back to work.

• Use the power of technology. Just because you’re avoiding social media doesn’t mean letting go of technology. Menos Hiras recommends that you use it to your advantage with apps like Forest, Focus-To-Do, or other timers that help you set your focus time. Other apps can help you by shutting off your browsing ability until you’ve done enough work on permitted apps or sites.

• Take breaks, but don’t get lazy. Once you’ve started on your study break, then it gets tough to get going again, especially after you’ve already read through a lot of material. Keep motivational reminders near you. Unlike everyone else, this lockdown is your opportunity to get ahead and get to your goal. It’s not a vacation—think of it as a significant opportunity to focus and drive yourself to your goals.

Menos Hiras knows that in a climate like this one, it’s incredibly challenging to stay focused on LSATs. But remember that this situation is temporary. Don’t waste your time and maintain focus. Once the world recovers, if you’ve worked hard and studied intently, you’ll be reaping the rewards right away.