Menos Hiras | Tips for Eating Out on a Diet

Menos Hiras | Tips for Eating Out on a Diet

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Menos Hiras | Tips for Eating Out on a Diet

Menos Hiras Top 3 Tips for Eating Out on a Diet

Most people think that going on a diet, specifically, cutting down daily calories, means never enjoying a good meal at a restaurant ever again. Those who have been successful on their weight loss journey, however, are quick to remind newbie dieters that giving up something you enjoy (like eating out) altogether can make you feel deprived, which in turn, could make you “rebel” in the end. This could easily translate to binge-eating, which isn’t good for your body because too much food could wreak havoc on your internal system, too.

Here’s how you can eat out without compromising your diet:

Choose grilled, roasted or steamed over fried

Restaurant oil isn’t really the healthiest oil there is no matter how much they claim it is, because they usually recycle their oil or at least reuse it until it turns a nasty brown color. So to get the healthier option, choose how your food is cooked. In this case, choose grilled, roasted, or steamed food. If the food is dripping in oil, you’re not only packing on calories, you’re packing on unhealthy trans fats, too.

Choose lean

As tempting as that slab of steak at the next table is, don’t fall for it. Instead, choose healthy meats like chicken and fish. If you’re choosing chicken, get the breast part and don’t eat the skin as this is high in cholesterol. The white meat in chicken breast is generally healthier that the dark meats in chicken wings and legs as white meat also has less cholesterol than dark meat.

Check the soup

Contrary to popular misconception, not all soups are healthy, and they’re all not low in calories either. If you’re opting for soup, check how it’s cooked. Some restaurants, believe it or not, serve soup straight out of a can, so before getting that soup, do a little digging and ask about the ingredients and how it was prepared.

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