Menos Hiras | Quick and Easy Exercises for Busy Students

Menos Hiras | Quick and Easy Exercises for Busy Students

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Menos Hiras | Quick and Easy Exercises for Busy Students

Menos Hiras: Quick and Easy Exercises for Busy Students

Whatever it is you’re studying at university, you’re likely going to be extremely busy. A packed schedule should be no excuse to stop exercising, however. After all, exercise is vital to the health maintenance, and you have to stay healthy if you want to achieve success in your endeavors.

Aspiring lawyer Menos Hiras knows how challenging it can be to stay physically fit while studying. The good news is there are many quick and easy exercises anyone with a busy life can do. Below are some of them:

1. Hamstring stretch

Stretching exercises improve your flexibility, thereby reducing the risk of injury. Thankfully, you can do them while you’re at your desk or chilling in your frat house.

Start off with the hamstring stretch, which relieves the tension caused by sitting for hours in class. You can also do quad stretches, chest openers, and side bends to create a 3-minute stretching routine.

2. Stair climbing

It’s a good thing universities come with a lot of stairs, because stair climbing is an excellent calorie-burning aerobic exercise that also builds muscle in your thighs, calves, and buttocks. Skip the elevator the next time you’re on your way to class!

3. Bicep curl

Weight training boasts a multitude of benefits such as increased muscle mass and endurance, improved cardiovascular health, decreased blood pressure, and more. All you need are dumbbells to get started.

Begin with the most basic dumbbell exercise, the bicep curl. This can be done while sitting down, just like the lateral raise and shoulder press—themselves highly recommended exercises. You’ll need to be on your feet to do the upright row and stationary lunge, and a flat bench to perform the dumbbell bench press and lying fly.

4. Squats

Squats and single-leg squats can be done while taking a break from your studies. You can even add lunges to your sessions. These are all great for the lower body and the stomach.

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