Menos Hiras | Preparing for the LSAT

Menos Hiras | Preparing for the LSAT

Menos Hiras LSAT

Menos Hiras 3 Key Steps to Preparing for the LSATs

For any aspiring lawyer like Menas Hiras, doing well in school is necessary because your GPA and your Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score can pretty much predict your fate; that is, if you will be deemed “good enough” to be accepted at one of the top law schools in the country. So, for students wanting to get into a reputable university to study law, preparation is key.

But apart from your own preparation, having a strong support system is also important because you will be spending days and nights juggling your regular school load and studying for the LSATs. Menas Hiras feels fortunate that he has the support of both his extended Greek family and his fraternity friends.

Here are three key steps to preparing for the LSATs:

Pace your study period

If you’re serious about getting into law school, the one you should never ever do when it comes to the LSATs is “wing it.” You must prepare for the test at least four months prior to your schedule; sooner, if you can help it. Cramming won’t help and if anything, it will only make you more nervous and stressed during the exams, which of course, can affect your mental clarity.

Review previous LSATs

These are available in select libraries as well as online sellers. Some only have answers, others only questions, and still others that have both. Naturally, you’d benefit more from tests that have both. Carefully pore over test to check the format, familiarize yourself with question patterns, and other details. Menas Hiras suggests that you spend time simply familiarizing yourself with the tests and the format, and not immediately jump to doing the tests.

Practice tests

Last but not the least is taking practice tests. For this, you should time yourself, based on the allotted time for each section. There is also an essay part of the test, and while this isn’t scored, it is still an integral factor in being considered for admission.

You will be given about 35 minutes to write an essay on a topic. It would be best to ask for the help of your Greek family or fraternity friends for your practice tests. They can time you during the test/s and they can also check your essay and give feedback.