Menos Hiras | How to Stay Fit Without *Really* Trying

Menos Hiras | How to Stay Fit Without *Really* Trying

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Menos Hiras Personal Training & Athletics: 3 Easy Steps to Staying Fit

As a former high school athlete (he was on his school’s soccer varsity team for four years), Menas Hiras, who comes from a big Greek family who loves to eat, learned early on the many benefits to staying fit and healthy. For one thing, he finds that by sticking to his fitness routine, he has more energy to study, work, and fulfill his daily responsibilities; plus, he has time to relax and hang out with his fraternity friends. Secondly, he finds that exercising helps boost his mental clarity as well as his mood and concentration (which are essential to keeping up with the demands of student life in university).

If you’re struggling to keep a regular fitness routine, Menas Hiras shares three simple and easy ways to stay fit:


First off, the biggest culprit to weight gain and the higher risk for various health issues is a sedentary lifestyle, so the only thing you really need to do is to get physically active. And the easiest way to do that is to walk; walk whenever you can, wherever you can. Choose to walk instead of getting in your car for short distances. Or simply make it a habit to walk around the neighborhood for a couple of minutes per day, suggests Menas Hiras.

According to health and fitness experts, walking about 10,000 steps per day is the ideal number for a healthier and fitter body.

Get on your feet

For most employees, an eight to five job means sitting behind the desk all day. But a lot of offices now encourage employees to get or stay, on their feet by providing stand-up desks. If your office doesn’t have this option, get up from your desk every hour and stretch or walk around the office for a few minutes.

Make cleaning a habit

Break out a sweat by cleaning the house. Maybe you’d rather spend your weekends playing couch potato, but cleaning isn’t only good for your physique; it’s good for your overall health as well.

Vigorous cleaning can burn about 102 calories in half-an-hour while light cleaning can burn up to 85 calories.

For more on his Greek family life, university experiences including hanging out with his fraternity friends, and everything in-between, Menas Hiras invites you to stay tuned to this blog site.