Menos Hiras | Applying for Law School

Menos Hiras | Applying for Law School

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4 Tips on Applying to Law School, by Menos Hiras

Menos Hiras has done his large Greek family and fraternity friends proud by becoming a law student. What some don’t know, however, is that the process of applying to law school can be a daunting experience. It, therefore, pays to be prepared if you want to get into the university of your choice.

To help aspiring law students, Menos Hiras will be sharing some advice on the things one should do to get accepted into law school.

1. Aim for strong academic achievements

The best law schools will typically accept an applicant with a high-Grade Point Average (GPA), so make sure you take your undergraduate studies seriously. Performing well on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), which will test your analytical thinking skills and reading comprehension, is also required by many good law schools.

2. Develop excellent writing skills

Menos Hiras recommends developing impressive writing skills. You’ll have the chance to show these off in your resume, work experience related to writing, and the essay the application will require you to write. Keep your writing concise and free of jargon, and use strong, interesting words. Express your commitment, work ethic, and passion in your writing.

3. Request letters of recommendation

Law schools usually demand one or more recommendation letters, so be sure you have professors who admire you and are willing to give you a good recommendation. Some schools also require a dean’s certification that you’re a model student, so study well and avoid getting into trouble with your fraternity friends.

4. Prepare for an interview

A law school will interview you in person, over the phone, or via an online application like Skype. Research on the possible questions that may be asked and prepare your answers beforehand. Make sure you’re on time for the interview, too!

5. Apply early

Getting into law school entails fierce competition, and because of rolling admissions, many seats will be filled up by the time of the official admissions deadlines. For this reason, Menos Hiras suggests applying several months to a year earlier.

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