Becoming a Lawyer

Menos Hiras: Becoming a Lawyer

The route towards becoming a lawyer is fraught with challenges. Aspirants need to go through several stages before they can practice law. Those interested should ask why they want to join this profession and whether they are prepared to devote years of study. Menos Hiras aspires to practice law as he finds it noble to help people, from those in his Greek community to everyone else in need of a lawyer’s services.

Below, Menos Hiras outlines the key requirements that need to be fulfilled if one wishes to have a career practicing law.

  • A bachelor’s degree is necessary to gain admission into a law school. You may be a graduate of any field of study according to the American Bar Association (ABA).
  • In addition to an undergraduate degree, you must pass the Law School Admission Test (LSAT).
  • Next, you should apply for admission to a law school. Only ABA accredited schools should be considered. Menos Hiras sought the advice of professionals, his enormous Greek family, and his fraternity brothers while in the process of selecting his law school.
  • You should then attain a Juris Doctor Degree (JD), a doctoral degree that can be completed in three years. Many specialties are available, and aspirants are advised to pick a curriculum that covers an area that appeals to them. Menos Hiras found it useful to seek the opinion of his Greek family and fraternity friends on his choice of specialization.
  • After earning a JD, you must pass the bar examination in the state or states where you want to practice law. Only then will you be offered full legal licensure.
  • Once you’ve attained the right to represent clients in legal matters, you must advance your career. You’ll find plenty of opportunities to practice law in private law firms, businesses, and the government.

Attorneys commonly shape their own career direction. A seasoned lawyer may go on to become a judge, assume public office or enter politics, teach at universities, or become corporate executives.

Whatever career path Menos Hiras takes, he will strive to make his community, Greek family, and fraternity friends proud.